Sunday, June 26, 2011

Backyard Pool

We bought the kids a little plastic pool today. It finally cooled down to about 90 degrees at 7 tonight so we let them try it out. They had so much fun! There is even a little slide built in so they can slide into the water. 
 I couldn't get them all to look at me at once.
 Natalie is practicing her floating. I think her booty is still touching the pool but least she's trying!! :)
 Natalie actually posed for me. I sure love my girls!!

 They wanted Violet to join them
 She didn't last very long...even with all the hugs!
Love the face while she's splashing...I think she's holding her breath. And seriously...check out Nokie's hair...where did she get that from?? :)

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Kirk said...

It's so nice the girls are so comfortable in the water now. I miss being able to swim with them being in the pool. Hopefully that will change this week.Love you. Daddy