Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zoo Day

Yesterday we went to the zoo to celebrate Nokie's birthday. It was such a fun day! We left early and spent the morning looking at animals. All the animals seemed to be out and about. They got to feed the birds and the farm animals and the giraffes. They walked and walked and walked and saw everything they wanted to see. After the zoo we went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. So yummy! As soon as we got in the car to go home the girls we out. Fast asleep the whole way. :) Then we went swimming at my parents house. Natalie is swimming so well with her floaty suit. Heidi is doing really well too pushing me away so she can try to swim on her own. Swimming is so much more fun this summer than last cause we can all play together. I really think that both of the girls will be fish by the end of the summer!
 I didn't bring my camera to the zoo. It was a really hot day and I didn't want to lug it around. So instead I just stole the pictures off of everyone's phones. :)
 Nokie is three!
 My girls were afraid to sit on the lion :)
 The girls got to feed the birds. Those parrots were pretty mean though...they kept biting everyone! James got the birds to eat out of their little cups. They loved it!
 Heidi loved the merry-go-round! All the girls did but Heidi has been talking about it for months. She was so excited and every time she passed my parents she would wave really big. It was adorable!
 I love Nokie's smiley face
 It's pretty hard to kiss when you are both wearing hats :)
 Feeding the goats
 Natalie and Nokie feeding the baby giraffe
 The momma giraffe
 Natalie LOVES giraffes. I just think that these two pictures are the cutest things ever. I think I'm going to frame them both!

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Kirk said...

That was a fun, fun day at the zoo and I agree, feeding the giraffes was the high light of the day, well at the Zoo anyway. The Mellow Mushroom was pretty awesome too. Love you. Daddy