Saturday, June 11, 2011

Myrtle Beach

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately so we decided to take the girls to the beach. My parents were in the need of a getaway too so they decided to join us. It was a really long drive but we had so much fun! I found a really great deal at an Embassy Suites right on the beach. We had a balcony overlooking the ocean. They had a water park that the girls loved! We got our huge free breakfasts every morning and free drinks at night. We were go go go the whole time and the girls loved it. We threw all the normal rules out the window. They didn't take naps or have a bedtime. They got milkshakes with almost every meal.  It was just a really fun weekend! I took over 200 hundred pictures for just the three days we were there. I narrowed them down a bit for the blog. :)
 The first morning we were there my parents got the girls up early to look for shells. Natalie would clean off each shell before putting it in the bucket...Heidi would just dump in a handful of dirt with a few shells inside. :)
 This was the view from our balcony
 Dad and Natalie playing catch
 Shane took Heidi out into the waves and would lift her up with the waves came. She had so much fun. She didn't care that she was getting water in her face!

 Natalie was scared to death of the water and it took lots of convincing to get her close to it. Finally I had her sit near the water and as the tide came in it would get closer and closer. When it finally hit her she thought it was so much fun. I love the reaction on their faces when the water hit them!

 Shane and the girls tried to build a sandcastle by the water. Heidi had to run back to get another bucket.
 We took a break from the beach and grabbed some lunch at Johnny Rockets. The girls loved the music. They both got a pin for dancing with the waiters.
 After lunch we went to the water park right outside the hotel. The lazy river was so nice! I could have stayed there all day if my girls weren't around. :) Natalie sat on Dad's lap and I got Heidi.

 The water park was so cool. Great for so many ages. The girls had fun but so did the rest of us!
 Natalie did not want to go down the water slide at all! I asked her if she could show Bumpa how to get to the slide so he could go down it and when she got to the slide she wanted to go too. 
I can't even tell you how many times they went down the slide together. Every time they finished going down the water slide Natalie would say, "Again, Bumpa! Again!"
 I took Heidi a few times too but she was too cold. I thought it was really fun. :)
 Natalie even started going down the slide by herself. I was so proud of her! She was really brave and it turned into her favorite part of the whole trip!

 This is one of my favorite pictures!
 For dinner we went to Broadway on the Beach. Such a cool place. Tons of shops, restaurants, and attractions.
 Natalie and Heidi played a fishing game and both won little elephants.
Natalie and Heidi with their new elephants
  Mom and Dad

 We took at least 10 pictures trying to get everyone to look at the camera. This is the best we got!
 After dinner Natalie saw this rock wall and she wanted Shane to do it. She told him, "You can do it, Daddy. I know you can." He couldn't say no to that. :) He was only wearing flip flops though so he had to do it barefoot!
 Walking around at 10 o'clock at night like it was what they did every night! They were so good on our vacation. When we headed back to the hotel they fell asleep 2 minutes after we started driving and didn't wake up till the next morning. Even through getting their pjs on and making them go potty. :)
They fell asleep 10 minutes into the drive home too. I was hoping they would stay asleep but they woke up with 2 hours still left in our drive. Thank goodness we had Shane's laptop. We put in a DVD and they were good to go. The stop at TCBY for some frozen yogurt helped too!


mitzi said...

That first picture of the girls sitting in the water with the same excited expression needs to be enlarged and hanging on your wall. Its priceless!

Kirk said...

We had such a great time and wish it was longer. I think my favorite thing, well two most favorite things, was waking the girls up early and walking on the beach finding sea shells and Natalie's joy in going down the slide by herself over and over again. Both were priceless as was the whole vacation. Thanks for inviting us. Love you. Daddy