Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Days

We have been having so many summer thunderstorms lately! Crazy wind, bolts of lightening and loud thunder. Last night Shane and I sat on the back porch and watched the storm roll in. It was so pretty. A little scary too, waiting for it unleash on us. :) I was trying to get a shot of the lightening but all I got was some lit up clouds.

 My only shot of the lightning just ended up being some bright clouds. You can't even tell how dark the sky was!  Two minutes after we went inside it started pouring buckets! The best part was that the storm blew away all the humidity! At least for the noon it was back in full force! :) 
While it was still beautiful this morning, I took the girls to the park to play in the water. They had so much fun. Heidi went through the water once and was over it. She just kept trying to run away from me to do other things. Natalie on the other hand, had a blast. She went through the water over and over. She wanted me to time her to see how fast she could run through the water. :) 

 Heidi went in first and got completely soaked!

 Natalie was very cautious the first time and managed to get through without getting very wet.

 Heidi liked jumping in the puddles better than running through the froggy.

 The girls had so much fun!


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Kirk said...

The girls are so cute and the park is a perfect place for them to have fun in the water. Love you. Daddy