Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shane and I are doing the South Beach Diet. For those of you who don't know, I am the WORST at dieting! I don't do it...ever. I like food. I like cake and candy and bread and ice cream and cookies. It's totally killing me! But we are trying to be healthy and as much as I hate being deprived of food that I love, I am happy to be teaching my body to love healthier foods. We are doing pretty well with our eating and hitting up the gym so hopefully this won't last too long! I am ready for some bread!

Shane bought me some flowers the other day. They are so beautiful! He took the girls grocery shopping and when they got back Natalie ran to me and said, "I picked out some flowers for you, Mommy!" Pretty much for the surprise. :)

I absolutely love my new camera! I still haven't had the time to really find out just what it does but it takes really great pictures. Natalie was just being a silly girl and she turned to me with this look and the camera actually got the picture! Yay!! I love this face!

We took the girls for a walk this afternoon. We have this area in our subdivision that isn't fully developed yet and it's perfect for letting the girls "walk like big girls." They run and Shane and I can walk together and talk. It's really nice. This is the first time that Heidi got to walk too...usually she would go in a stroller. She was very happy to be walking today! She did not want to hold hands or be told where to go. Natalie kept trying at both but Heidi would have none of it! I just love the expression on Natalie's face in the last shot. It's so much easier to get a close up of Natalie. She will sit still, even smile at me sometimes. Heidi just runs away! In fact...most of the pictures that I take of Heidi are of her moving away from the camera.

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