Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter...A Week Early!

We did an Easter Egg hunt last Sunday with my family. We did it a week early so that it wouldn't interfere with an Easter egg hunt with Shane's family and so that we could go to church Easter morning.We decorated eggs Saturday and then let the girls hunt for them Sunday morning...just like when I was a kid. Although, when I was a kid we only did ONE Easter egg hunt! We had so much fun. It's so great as a parent to share these moments with your kids.

I put Heidi's hair in pigtails for the first cute! She looked absolutely adorable!

The girls all played together on the swing set before we started coloring eggs. Cousin Nokie doesn't really like to smile for the camera! Heidi just started swinging in the big girl swing. She will not swing in the baby swing anymore! She wants to be just like her big sister. :)

We tried letting Natalie put eggs in the dye but that didn't work too well. We ended up letting her put stickers on the eggs after we dyed them. Which worked for the most part except when she dropped the eggs or squished them because she pushed too hard. Nokie colored on the eggs with the wax crayon and then Dana would dunk them in the dye. They were both pretty happy with the set up.

Daddy showed Heidi how the dye worked. He'd drop in a white egg and it would come up pink. She thought that was pretty cool.

Natalie got so many eggs! She just ran around picking up everything she saw.

Nokie had never done this before so it took her a while to catch on, but once she did she did great.

Heidi took over the play area...she found every egg in that section. I was surprised again by how well she did. She has great eyes!

Natalie found 20 eggs

Heidi found 13 eggs

Nokie found 9 eggs

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