Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

It was such a beautiful day today! Blue skies, nice breeze...perfect day for the girls to play outside. We had Mom, Dad and Nan over for dinner. Shane made his amazing grilled salmon! We also had zucchini on the grill and a salad. I seem to talk about food a lot now that I am on a diet. Just letting you know!
We let the girls play on the playset and play with bubbles. Heidi loves the bubbles. She chases them and tries to stomp them when they land on the ground. Natalie likes the bubble blower that I got her but can't really figure out how to actually blow bubbles through a wand. We had so much fun hanging out in the backyard with the girls. No humidity, no bugs. The kind of day you wish there were a million of.

Pushing the girls on the swing.

The girls were so happy today. They were playing and laughing. Heidi was so funny. She just loved playing with my parents and running around the backyard. There is something about being a parent and seeing your kids happy. It's a wonderful feeling.

Heidi kept putting the bubble blower in her mouth.

Mom bought the girls new sandals today. These are actually Heidi's first pair of sandals. They are absolutely adorable! Heidi is having a little trouble walking in them...she doesn't really understand why the shoes are going between her toes.

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Caryn said...

Loved coming over for dinner tonight and watching the girls play outside. Sorry I wouldn't let you take a picture of me but I was just waaaaay too ugly. Love, love, love their shoes and oh my gosh was dinner amazing! The salmon was grilled to perfection and the vegies were wonderful and the salad yummy. Loved every bite and totally loved desert. What is for dinner tomorrow????