Monday, March 22, 2010

Heidi's First Haircut

We took Heidi to get her first haircut today. She had a rough morning, didn't nap well and I was kinda nervous that she might freak out. But she did really well! Yay!! They had all these toys to play with while we were waiting. She loved riding the little horse/zebra. And she loved that she got to sit in an airplane! The hairdresser?? Not so much. She did good though. We brought teddy grahams and she watched Sprout while the lady cut her hair. The hairdresser worked really fast and was really nice. She even put a pink bow in her hair.
We got Natalie's first haircut at the same place...actually in the same chair! She was just under a year old. Her hair grows a little faster I guess. :) Makes me so sad...feels like just yesterday that she was getting her first haircut! She loved it when she went. I can't believe how small she was. They get big sooo fast!



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