Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hug me...I donated blood today! That is what my sticker says. Today was the first time I have ever given blood. I've always wanted to be someone who does but being scared of needles has prevented me in the past. After having two kids, I'm not as scared of needles but still-it's a needle! So they had a blood mobile at Walmart and I decided that I would finally do it. The thing was really cool! I was very impressed. Not so much with the lady who drew my blood. She stuck the needle in my left arm and the wiggled it around trying to find a vein. That didn't work so she tried my right arm. She didn't even find the vein first, she just stuck the needle in my arm and then tried to find the vein. It hurt so bad!! I have a huge bruise and my arm has actually been hurting all evening. I'm still pretty proud of myself though. I saved three lives today. :)

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