Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seriously...I have the cutest kids. I love taking pictures of them. I think that is why I love scrapbooking so much. I know when they get older they are going to love looking at all the pictures of them and of Shane and I and hearing all the stories of them growing up. Heidi has a total sense of humor. She loves to frown at you. She thinks it's hysterical. She will drop her chin to her chest, furrow her brow and look up at you with her frowny face. After that she does one of two things. (1) She laughs hysterically (2) She throws her head back and raises her eyebrows and then laughs hysterically. I actually got pictures the other night. Love it! :)

So the other crazy thing that Heidi does....she likes to climb through the doggy door. It drives me crazy! She actually climbed all the way through once...scared me half to death! Now I know the sound of her even touching the doggy door and I can move pretty fast. :) She does look pretty cute though, huh?

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