Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't even count how many times I have been puked on the past three days. Shane too...between the both of us I would say we're in the double digits. If you don't want to hear anymore baby grossness than just scroll down.
So it started two days ago, out of the blue, Heidi just throws up all over me. She was acting totally normal before hand and even fine after, so I just thought maybe she drank her milk too fast, she gagged on her cracker...whatever. Then yesterday she was a little clingy and didn't really eat much but she was still pretty much normal. We all sit down to dinner and I'm getting ready to put a bite of food in my mouth when Natalie, who is sitting right across from me, starts projectile vomiting. All over the place. Totally disgusting. By the way...I so am not a great mom at all when it comes to that! I can't handle throw up! Thankfully Shane was home!! So we get Natalie into the bath and I scrub her down and then rub good smelling lotion all over her to get rid of the smell. Shane cleans up downstairs. Yay! Natalie acts like nothing happened and even wants to eat more dinner. So I leave to go to a party and Shane is home with the girls. Not even 10 min after I leave the house, Shane calls me asking me to come home cause Natalie threw up again. She got up a few times during the night but just wanted to sleep with us. Heidi had problems with the other end. Not pretty! After breakfast this morning Natalie was totally fine again. Still recovering a little thank goodness. She wasn't too crazy today. Heidi on the other hand, threw up everything. All morning. Poor thing. I pretty much held her all day. I did love having her sleep in my arms. That doesn't happen very often anymore! She seemed to be getting better and able to hold down some juice and crackers but right before bed she downed some milk and it ended up all over me. So now both girls are in bed and I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Why are sick babies so adorable??

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