Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kids change everything. People tell you that before you have kids but you don't really get it till you actually have them. I had such a fun vision of what today would be like with the girls playing in the snow. Laughing and playing, having a great time together. Which it was...but then there was so much craziness too that just comes with little kids. Heidi tried to walk through the snow like normal but fell flat on her face and was not very happy. We made a slushy for Nat and she dumped the whole thing on her face and down her shirt. Needless to say that involved major screaming! She didn't like that it was so cold, she didn't like that we had to take off her wet clothes and she did not like that we had to come inside to warm up again. But even after all the drama, we had so much fun.

Shane showed Natalie how to do snow angels. She didn't really like it very much.

Heidi fell down so many times! She did not like the cold snow unless she got to eat it!

Natalie loved being in the snow! She got a spoon and just ate snow all day!

By 1 almost all the snow melted. Thank goodness! I don't know if I can handle another snow day!

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