Friday, September 30, 2011

Natalie's Last Soccer Game

Another season of soccer is over. The seasons are always crazy busy but I'm surprised again at how fast it went by. Natalie did really amazing this year. Every season she has just gotten better and better. Having never played soccer or known anyone who played soccer, I have really enjoyed learning the rules (even though they are very basic rules!) and watching her play. Whenever she is on the field she is very focused. She knows what she is supposed to do and tries her best to get it done. She goes after the ball but doesn't ever try to knock anyone down or push them out of the way. A couple times this year she has surprised us with her awesome moves. One time she ran the ball up the outside of the field keeping it just inside the line so it wouldn't be out. So impressive! Then another time it clicked that Shane had been telling her to get between the ball and the goal so the other team couldn't score so she ran to the goal and basically played goalie...even though I guess at her age she isn't supposed to do that. I was impressed again. And yes...I realize she is my kid and I am massively bias but whatever. :) I love watching her play and I love that she enjoys it so much! Here are some pictures of her last game...
 The first of like 5 goals she made tonight

 High fives all around
 You see the focus?!

 The cheering section...we took up the whole side line pretty much. :)
 Heidi gets to play next season...she is so excited! She has really been wanting to play with her sister!
The team with their medals. It was a good season!

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