Saturday, September 10, 2011

The History of Shane's Cars :)

So when I met Shane he was driving a 95 Ford Ranger that was "forrest green." At least that's what he called it. It was actually a kind of bright green but whatever. Shane drove that truck the whole time we were dating and then we shared the truck for the first 3 years of our marriage.
This is the only picture I could find of the not forrest green. :) Not a great picture but it's hard to find stuff before my digital camera! 
My car while we were dating was a red 97 Ford Ranger. 
Don't you just love old photo's of yourself when you're trying to look cool?? Anyway...when I got married my dad drove my truck but when he decided to get another truck he gave it back to me. So then Shane decided to sell his truck and take my truck and I got a new car with better gas mileage. A 2004 Ford Focus. It was a great car and a great deal. :)
So I drove the Focus and Shane drove my truck. Then after we had Natalie and I was 9 months pregnant with Heidi in a minivan.
Love love love! By then the truck was getting pretty run down so Shane took the Focus. We got him a good stereo and it had good gas milage so he drove it for a while. Notice the pattern here? I get a new car...Shane takes the old car! Then my sister Dana didn't have a car to drive so he let her drive the Focus so that she could fit a car seat in the back and he started driving the Ranger again.  By then it was dented and scratched and had no A/C. Poor guy!! He has been driving that for the past year. His dream car has always been a Toyota Tundra. Last week he was browsing through Craigs list and found the exact truck that he wanted. It was only a year old and was a great price. It has all the upgrades and's just amazing.  He bought it yesterday! I am so happy that he finally has a car that is all his and exactly what he wants!!

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Kirk said...

A great collection of cars, well trucks really have been the star. For the record though, you needed the red truck back when you moved back to Virginia or Maryland and that's why we bought our truck. We both made out in that deal. Love you. Daddy