Saturday, September 3, 2011

California Trip #3

I've been to California so many times this year! It really is crazy! But they have all been for a good best friend. This past weekend was her wedding and it was amazing! I had a few days to hang out with her before all the craziness began. Thursday all the bridesmaids got manicures and pedicures...we took up the whole shop! Then we had the rehearsal and afterwards went to dinner at Gladstones in Malibu. I had never been there before but it was really good. Holly (Hollyann's mom) even got warm butter cake from some place in Beverly Hills that was to die for! Really really good. :) After dinner we all headed out to the sand for an impromptu photo session before heading home for the night. Love the picture even though it was taken with a phone. :)

The next morning a limo picked us up at 8 and took us to the Belair Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. We spent the whole morning hanging out and getting our hair and makeup done. Shane had huge drama trying to even get to the wedding! He was supposed to get into LA at 9:30 in the morning but he got kicked off the flight. They put him in a taxi and sent him to Atlanta to catch a flight from there. He was supposed to then get in at 3:30 but his flight was delayed again and he got in at 3:45. Then he went straight to the rental car place, got a car and headed to the venue. He got there at 5:01 and ran to the closest bathroom to change his clothes. The wedding was technically supposed to start at 5 but there was a ton of traffic and the pastor didn't get there till after he made it just in time. :) The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so much fun.  I was terrified of my Matron of honor speech but as soon as that was over I had a really great time!!
 Hollyann seeing her Dad and Gilda before the wedding
 Hollyann and Savannah...her maid of honor :)
 Savannah, Hollyann and Me
 The Bridesmaids...Michelle, Erin, Me, Kelly, Jesse, Claudine, Shelly, Hannah, Johanna and Savannah
 Hollyanne's brother (Asher) walking their mom (Holly) down the aisle
 The ring bearer was too scared to walk by himself so he walked with Savannah and me
 Shane took this one with his phone
 Such a beautiful bride!

 A beautiful ceremony...

 And then we're done :)
 Father daughter dance
 Shane and I in the photo booth
 All the bridesmaids
 Rochelle, Me, Erin and Johanna
 Me and Shane
 Cutting the cake...these cupcakes were amazing!!

The get away Aston Martin. So nice!! I tied cans to the back. :)

And that was just the start of our crazy weekend! The next morning we drove up to Lake Tahoe for Shane's cousin Stephania's wedding. We got up there with about an hour to spare. We showered and changed our clothes and then headed to the ceremony. The wedding was really beautiful. Right on the lake.  I was terrible this weekend though and didn't take any pictures. If it weren't for Shane I don't think I would have had any of Hollyann's wedding either! Anyway the wedding was great. We got a cabin with Rich, Marilyn, Rose Marie, Sabrina, and Jaime. I clonked out early...exhausted after my crazy week but Shane and the girls went to Harrahs for some dancing and gambling. The next day we all had lunch at Baja Fresh. So yummy! Shane and I shopped a little bit and then headed to Bishop. Not without stopping at two more casinos! We had another fun night with family while we were in Bishop. We even got to see Josh and Amy and their two cute little boys. The next morning we got up early and drove down to Tustin. We spent an hour or so with Shane's great aunt and uncle and then drove up to Camarillo. We missed our turn and the 1 1/2 hour trip turned into a 3 hour trip. So much driving!! It was really nice spending time with Steve and Melissa. I think it was the only down time of the whole trip! The guys went golfing and Melissa and I went shopping. :) Then we went to Yolanda's for AMAZING Mexican food. After dinner I got my chocolate malted crunch and I was a very happy girl. The next morning we left early and drove straight to In-N-Out on Sepulveda...the one right by the airport. We ate our lunch, returned our rental car and then hopped on our plane home. We got home late so the girls were already in bed. Natalie woke up when we checked on her and she was so happy that we were home. She kept giving us kisses and telling us that she missed us. She pointed to the wall and there was a sign that she had made saying Welcome Home Mommy and Daddy! So cute!! The next morning both girls came running into our room. I really love being home!!

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Kirk said...

I still can't believe Shane made it to the wedding on time, especially on a Friday night in LA! The whole weekend sounded exhausting but I'm glad you had such a good time. The best was you being home again. Love you. Daddy