Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated my mom's birthday today. It turned out perfect!! All of us kids have been stressing out just a little trying to figure out how to make her birthday special.  We really wanted to make sure she had a great birthday but nothing seemed to work out. Then it all came together and we turned this into the perfect day. Mom had a list of things that she wanted for her birthday and instead of getting a couple things off the list we got everything on the list. Plus an extra gift that we thought of on our own. We had dinner at my house so she didn't have to do any cooking, cleaning or dishes. We had a Mexican night with Tecate beer and a taco ring for dinner. For dessert we made her lemon bars cause she really loves lemon. To end the night we played a game of Apples to Apples. It was so much fun and guess who won....Mom! :)

Luke, Mom and Gracie
Matthew reading a story to Heidi and Nokie
Getting ready to eat dinner
We all wanted to get pictures with Mom on her birthday...Colie was first
Then see Shane's face in behind Mom?? The bottom picture is better but the top one is funnier :)

Mom and Dana
Mom and Dad
Mom's new barstools with all the girls sitting on them
Heidi and Nokie were being so cute. They were talking and holding hands while Mom opened gifts
Matthew gave her a funny card
The last gift...she was a little surprised by tickets to the Guitar Pull. It's a country music concert where different artists sing with just their guitar. Really cool and very hard to get tickets too. Dane got in line at 4 in the morning and waited for 6 hours to get tickets. They sold out an hour after they opened!
Blowing out her birthday candle!

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Kirk said...

You kids did an absolutely amazing job and made your mother very happy. Good job. Your Taco Ring was fabulous as well. Love you. Daddy