Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I have been tearing my house apart trying to clean and organize. I love it! Shane and I went to Atlanta a couple weekends ago and went to the Container Store and HomeGoods. Seriously my favorite stores!! We got a ton of things to organize and some pretty stuff to add to the house. 
So first I went through my craft room and ended up with 3 bags of trash and one big box of garage sale stuff. Colie and I traded beds...so I also rearranged furniture. I added a book shelf to the room and put all my scrapbooking stuff on it. Now I can go in there and scrapbook or do my Bible study and it's pretty and clean. Love! 
Then I went to Natalie's room. Yesterday, Gracie came over and played with the girls while I painted the room. They have been asking to sleep together for a while and I love the whole idea of them sharing a room. I wanted to change everything so it wouldn't be just Natalie's room anymore. I wanted it to be THEIR room. Natalie loves pink and Heidi loves all things aqua so I painted the walls pink, got cute aqua stuff for the walls, and a bedspread for Heidi that matches Natalie's. Now I have to say...I am not a pink person. I am a very neutral, earthy colors kinda girl. My house is green, brown, blue, beige....I have a red dining room but even that is more like a brick color. So now you go down my nice beige hall and you can see the pink glow coming from the end of the hall. While I was painting it I was a little scared but it turned out really cute. Very girly. 
Now this weekend I have a ton of stuff for Shane to do. :) I need him to get a dresser from my mom's for the girls room (a smaller one that fits better with the two beds), take a make up table back to my moms, move the old dresser into Heidi's old room, move the entertainment hutch from downstairs to the guest room and then hang up shelves in the girls room and by the computer. That's a lot huh? He doesn't even know it yet. :) 
No pictures today...I want to wait till everything is perfect. Then I'll show you tons!

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Kirk said...

I was happy to see something leaving (the chest of drawers) but my happiness was dashed when I heard it was only an exchange for a makeup table...Love you. Daddy