Monday, September 5, 2011

Matthew's 16th Birthday

It's so nice having Colie and the kids back in Georgia!! We get to celebrate birthdays with them, hang out in the pool with them and even go on Target runs together! Yesterday we got to celebrate Matthew's birthday. The girls talked about it all day. 
When is it Matthew's birthday? When do we get to go to Mammy and Bumpa's house to celebrate Matthew's birthday? When do we get to eat birthday cake?? 
We headed over after naps and the girls went straight into the pool. Matthew was doing crazy flips and cool dives and Colie got awesome pictures. When Natalie saw what he was doing she wanted to do it too. Her jumps weren't so crazy but she did want Colie to take pictures of her while she did them! Dad grilled hamburgers for dinner and I made a cake. A cool pampered chef recipe...instead of frosting you melt chocolate and caramel topping together and then spread it over the top. Then  I topped it with caramel sprinkles. I have to was pretty good. :)
 Me and Gracie...can't decide which one I like best

 Seriously...isn't this the coolest shot ever??
 Natalie showing off her cool moves
 Love this!
 Crazy diving 

 Scratch off tickets from my parents and an iphone 4 from Colie and Joe. He was so surprised!! He's had an old crappy phone for a really long time. 

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Kirk said...

You're right, it's wonderful having Colie and the kids back, especially in time to enjoy the last of summer in the pool. Just like old times and just what this house is for, family having fun together. Love you. Daddy