Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Stuff

So I have been REALLY busy this whole month! But really just these last two days. We got back from the beach and I realized I had 4 days to get ready for my next California trip. I had to make sure the house had groceries, I  had to wrap gifts, buy gifts, figure out who was watching my kids and getting Natalie to preschool, I had to write my maid of honor speech (so scared of that one!!), pick out all the outfits I'm going to wear and then pack them all up. I tend to get a little overwhelmed and stressed out when I have a ton to do but I've been trying to make it fun so I can have time with my girls. I'm so sad that I'm leaving them again. I love getting breaks from the kids and I'm excited about my trip but I just feel like I've been away from them a ton lately. Heidi really doesn't want me to leave. Natalie has never cared and now that Heidi's way harder to leave! Heidi keeps telling me that she's gonna miss me when I'm gone. My poor heart! So tonight she gets to have a sleep over with Mammy to lessen the fact that I'm leaving tomorrow. She has been doing really well in her "big girl" bed so she should be fine at Mom's. Although the other night when we checked on the girls before we went to bed, Shane came out of Heidi's room saying that he couldn't find her. We checked in Natalie's room, we even checked in Dana's room where she and Nokie were both asleep. We couldn't find her anywhere and then Shane found her under her bed fast asleep. It was the cutest thing ever!!

Also I just wanted to say how great Natalie is doing in preschool. She just loves it. Today when I picked her up she was so excited to show me something in her bag. It was homework! She was so happy that she had homework to do. When we got home she showed Colie and Dane. When Heidi woke up Natalie said..."Let me show you this amazing thing I got from school today!" The cutest thing ever. She had to learn her address and then draw a picture of her house.  How long do they love homework?? I don't remember ever liking it. :)

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Kirk said...

That picture of Heidi Bear under the bed id the cutest thing ever! Too funny. Have a great time in California and give our love and congratulations to Hollyann. See you when you get back. Love you. Daddy