Monday, August 1, 2011

California Trip

My best friend, Hollyann is getting married at the end of this month so I flew out for a really quick trip to help her get some wedding stuff done. We were go go go the entire time I was there. It was so much fun and so crazy!! We did a ton of driving around from one appointment to the other and filled all that car time with talking. :) We went to her first dress fitting, we went to three different bakeries for cake tasting (She ended up picking BellaDonna which was by far the best tasting cakes!), we shopped for clothes and shoes for her honeymoon, we got the ring for her soon to be husband and we met with her wedding planner to go over the final details. Needless to say when I got home I was exhausted!! The crazy part is that Shane and I will be going back out to California at the end of the month for her wedding and his cousin's wedding which happen to be the same weekend! But...for are a few pictures from my trip. 
 Cuddling with my girls before I left. It was so sweet...they were really sad that I was leaving. They kept saying...I'm gonna miss you mommy! I ended up letting Natalie come with me to the airport just so I could have a little more time with her. :)
 First stop in LA...In N Out!!'s a tradition. :) Later that week Hollyann and I went to RockSugar in Santa Monica. We met up with her friend Rochelle whom I love. I met her the last time I was here and she is the absolute sweetest person! It was a great night of good food and good conversation.
We had some people take our picture...thank goodness for camera phones!!
 We went to the beach so I could take some pictures of them as a family and a couple. They turned out pretty good.
 Savannah got tired of taking pictures pretty quick.  This was way more fun for her!
We didn't hit Baja Fresh while I was out there but they did take me to Cafe Rio. So good! I think it might be one of my new favorites!!
 Erik took this picture of us on his front porch.
 We walked down to the beach and they were having a surf competition. It was really fun to watch.  Then we grabbed a pizza and watched a movie back at his house. A nice relaxing day to end a crazy busy week!
 Flying home the sun was just shining down on Los Angeles. It was so beautiful! These pictures don't even do justice to how amazing it looked. 
When I got back to Atlanta, Colie and the kids were at the airport too. Our flights got in at the same time. It was so fun to come home and have them back! And then when I got back to my parents house my girls came running out to give me hugs.'s so good to be home! :)

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Kirk said...

You and Hollyann are so cute together. Glad you had such a good time although the picture of the In-N-Out hamburger was totally unnecessary!!!. Love you. Daddy