Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

The end of summer is moving so fast! There are so many things happening!
First...so much travel! I went to California a week ago to help Hollyann get stuff done for her wedding. We are all heading to the beach next week to spend some time with Shane's friend before he gets deployed. Then the following Tuesday I head back out to California to be part of the pre-wedding festivities. Shane joins me on Friday for the actual wedding. Before coming back home we are heading up north to Lake Tahoe for Shane's cousin Stephania's wedding. So crazy!
Next...Shane is starting school for his Master's on Thursday. He is going to University of Phoenix once a week while working full time and coaching Natalie's soccer team. He will be really busy these next 18 months!
And lastly....Natalie is starting preschool on Monday. (sigh) I am so excited for her but I'm really sad too. I can't believe my little girl is getting so big. I was looking at her baby book today and after I put in pictures for her first day of school it will be complete. COMPLETE!! I can't believe it! We have her open house on Thursday night. We bought her first day of school outfit today. Every day she asks me how many more days till school starts??  Also we have been swimming almost every day and she has turned into a fish. My little girl who was scared to death of the pool at the beginning of the summer has now, in a matter of probably 4 days, decided to dive to the bottom of the shallow end to pick up diving toys. She is swimming underwater, jumping off the steps, loving her new goggles. It's so much fun to see her accomplish so much! Here's a video of her crazy jumping. :)
I'm sure there will be a ton of pictures these next few weeks..with all the fun stuff going on! I'm so excited for all the craziness but I'm also hoping that September will move just a little bit slower! :)

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Kirk said...

Talking about all your traveling makes me tired! But it's all for good causes and you will have a great time. I loved the video of Natalie diving into the pool. I am so proud of her! She'll be in the deep end swimming like a fish by the end of summer. Fantastic! Love you. Daddy