Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie!

We celebrated Gracie's birthday yesterday even though it was actually last month (On her real birthday she was in Hawaii). It was supposed to be a swimming day but we had thunderstorms instead. We made do and still had fun. Dad and Bub grilled pizza. So good!! Everyone got to put their own toppings on. I think they grilled at least 10 different pizzas plus a dessert pizza. After dinner Gracie opened her gifts and we had chocolate cupcakes to celebrate. 
 Hanging out with the girls
 Colie's pizza...amazing! Pesto, alfredo, chicken and bacon
 Matthew enjoying his pizza
 Colie enjoying her pizza
 Dad and Bub making the crusts
 Regular pizza crust, nutella spread, white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips

 Gracie's gifts
 This tasted soo soo good!!
 Gracie moved to Alaska a cute little girl and came back a beautiful 14 year old!
 Nail polish from DeDe
 Natalie drew Gracie a picture
 Heidi was checking out the money that Gracie got. :)
 Gracie poses anytime a camera is pointed her way!
 Making a wish
 Taking a bite
 Chocolate Braces Smile!
 The girls wanted to do a chocolate smile too :)

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Kirk said...

That was a very fun night. It's so nice having our whole family having fun together again. Hopefully Joe will get here soon which will really expand our fun level. Love you. Daddy