Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

I can't believe Natalie started school today! I am exhausted! Yesterday we spent all day shopping for the stuff she needed. Don't ask me why I waited till the day before...I'm usually much better at that! This morning she woke up and got dressed in her new "back to school" dress. Then I made her a special pancake breakfast and took a ton of pictures before we left for school. She was totally over the pictures! When we got to her classroom she was just ready to walk right in. I had to remind her to give me a kiss goodbye! She was so excited about preschool today but I also felt like she thought it was no big deal. While she was gone I had the craziest day ever! After I dropped her off I came home and made her a cake. I really wanted to make the day special for her. But the cake turned out too dry, I ran out of frosting and decided to make some from whipping cream and vanilla pudding. Amazing by the way. Then the cable guy was here and he kept asking me questions while I was trying to frost the cake. The second that he left I ran out the door to pick Natalie up from school. When I picked her up I had to pry her for information. I took her to McDonalds and got her a McFlurry while we talked about her day. I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said recess. I asked her what she did for recess and she said, " know what recess is." :) She said that she met two people, Ella and David and that they were nice. She got to play with play dough, they had story time and sang songs. She loved preschool and said that she couldn't wait to go back. :)
Pictures before breakfast
Heidi wanted her picture taken too :)
Ready to get inside
Done with pictures and ready to go to school!

Then tonight we went to my parents house for swimming and cake. Natalie is so loving the pool! She was a crazy jumping kid. Luke and Matthew showed her how to do a cannon ball. Very cute! I just have to keep reminding her to jump AWAY from the wall. She jumps so close to it sometimes that it scares me to death!  After swimming and dinner we got to her cake. It was so hot that most of the frosting melted down the sides. That's what happens when you use a whipped cream frosting I guess. :) It ended up being a pretty ugly cake but it tasted good and that's all that matters. Natalie was just happy that her name was on it and that she got the first slice! As soon as we got home we had story time and the girls went right to sleep. It was a long day for everyone.
 Jumping to Colie
 Heidi likes to climb in and out over the side of the pool
 This is Natalie's "dive" that looks more like a belly flop :)
 Swimming underwater to Colie
 Cannon Ball!
 My cute girl :)
 I don't know what kind of jump this is but she sure is having fun!

I still can't believe my little girl is in school. Where has the time gone! I have to say...driving her to school this morning my mind jumped to that fact that in no time at all I will be driving her to high wedding. Too much for my mind to comprehend! Thank goodness we only go through one day at a time!

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Kirk said...

Natalie is so cute and is definitely growing up. It seems like one day last week she was a little girl and this week she is a big girl. amazing how that happens. You took some great pictures by the way. Love you. Daddy