Monday, July 25, 2011

First Time at the Movies!

We have been doing a star chart at our house for the past couple weeks. The girls have been doing awesome at completing their chores every day and each week we do something fun to celebrate all their stars. This week we took them to the movies. They were so excited! Natalie has been asking to go to the movie theater ever since she saw the cool building with all the lights on it...probably about 6 months ago. She scares really easily so I had to wait till something very kid friendly came out. Yay for Winnie the Pooh! The girls really loved the movie and the whole experience. Natalie wants to go every week! They got to give the guy their tickets...Heidi was free so she gave them Shane's ticket. :) We got a big popcorn to share and a cherry icee. When we got in the theater, it was empty, so we got perfect seats. They had booster seats for the kids to sit on so that the chairs didn't close up on them while they were sitting in them. The kids were great too. We talked about having to be quiet in the theater before we left. The only thing Heidi did do was throw her napkin at the guy in front of her. Whoops! Heidi has this habit of wiping her hands with a napkin and then throwing it on the floor. We are working on this! When she threw it at the guy in front of her he didn't even notice. Shane and I just looked at each other and had no idea what to do. It was just sitting on his shoulder. Shane reached forward and grabbed it without the guy even knowing it happened. I can just imagine what he would have thought if he looked over and found Shane's hand by his face! Awkward!!  Other than that though, it was a really perfect outing. :)
 In front of the theater and the Winnie the Pooh poster

No one was in the theater with us so I wanted to get a picture of Heidi just chillin in her booster seat. Didn't turn out that great but you get the picture. :)

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Kirk said...

The napkin story is pretty funny. Heidi Bear is such a cute mess. Love you. Daddy