Friday, May 6, 2011

A Really Perfect Day

Today was so nice! Heidi slept in so we got to sleep in. Yay! Natalie spent the night at my moms so it was just the three of us this morning. We went to Einstein Bagels for breakfast. Even though we had to drive across town to get there, it was totally worth it!  We got the house cleaned up, caught up on American Idol and BOTH of my girls napped. Seriously...I could stop there and it would still be a perfect day but it even got better. 
I took Heidi to Target with me to go shopping for Natalie's birthday presents. I didn't find anything there so we went to the Learning Junction. Heidi played with all the toys while I looked around for a good gift.  They do cute personalization on things there so I got her one of those lap desks with her name on it. I think she's going to love it. :) When we got back to the house Shane and Natalie were just finishing planting our new cherry tree in the front yard. The last one died. We kinda have a problem with killing trees at our house. I have no green thumb at all! We got some tips this time and hopefully this one will work out. :) Anyway...Shane and I sat and the bumper of the van and just hung out while the girls played in the front yard. The weather was perfect...the girls were nice!

 Nat and Heidi went to the top of the little hill and ran down fast...they thought they were pretty cool. :)
 Then they played on their scooters in the driveway.

Just makes my momma heart happy :)

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