Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I know this was a few days ago but I left my camera at my parents house. Anyway...Natalie had her very last soccer game on Cinco de Mayo. She has gotten so good this year. Really! I'm not just sayin that cause she's my kid either. :) She is so focused when she is playing and she is always trying to get the ball. She runs like crazy and hates it when she has to sit out so another kid can play. It's so much fun to watch her play and I just love that she loves it so much!
 Before the game started Heidi and Nokie practiced with Nat
 Natalie just being goofy
 Shane ended up being the coach this year. He was so awesome! The kids loved him and he really helped keep them focused. Natalie thought it was pretty funny that her Daddy was the coach. :)
Shane was telling the kids what to do and Natalie was waving to us on the sidelines
 This is my favorite Natalie face. She just started doing that the last couple games. When the season started she was pretty timid but after making her first goal she went crazy! She is such a determined kid!
 This is the Natalie I know and love...waving to her momma as she runs by. She doesn't do that nearly as much this year! :(
 After the game with their new medals. Rylan, Savannah, Natalie and Gabe. It was a really good team this year!
We had a few extra medals so Shane gave some of the siblings medals too. This is such a sweet picture!

After the game we headed to my parents house for a Mexican feast! It was soo good. Seriously...really good. Dad smoked a pork butt the whole night before. For those of you who don't know that is what you make pulled pork out of. But instead of making pulled pork he put Mexican seasonings on it and my mom made taquitos. The best ever.
 Getting the pork ready
You can wipe the drool now :)
 Home made pico, guacamole and the yummy taquitos
 Dad took the first bite...I think he liked it. :)

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