Sunday, May 15, 2011

Natalie's Birthday Part 1

Nat had such a great birthday this year! On Friday we went to the EdVenture Children's Museum in Columbia, SC. The girls had so much fun.
 First they got to go shopping at the Piggy Market. They each got to put 5 items in their carts and then take it to the check out to pay for it.
 I love this shot of Natalie...she looks so grown up :)
 Natalie bought a can of vegetables, a HUGE steak, a mango, a donut and a box of cookies. Heidi bought a can of vegetables, eggs, laundry detergent, macaroni and cheese and a box of chocolate cereal.
 Then we went to the farm where they got to check for eggs...
 Milk a cow...
 Pick apples...

 Drive a tractor...
And plant vegetables
 Dad sat in the rocking chair and watched all the crazy kids :)
 They drove a car too. Heidi got in the back seat and buckled herself in!
 They dressed up like firemen and went inside a firetruck. Heidi even slid down the pole.
 We spent a lot of time in the news room. The girls loved seeing themselves on tv and changing the weather around.
 Shane joined in on the fun too.
 They played in the music room. Each hopscotch square was a different note and they loved jumping on it to make music.
 They had a huge 40 foot kid that you could climb inside of. Shane took Natalie inside the skull. She was trying to figure out what each of the insides were compared to her face. It was pretty cute.
 Shane played with the girls on the shrimp boat.
 It was so hard to get both of the girls to cooperate for these pictures! Heidi kept running off cause there were more interesting things to look at. These are probably my favorite shots of the whole day!

 We went through the butterfly exhibit right before we left.
 The girls tried to sit really really still so that the butterflies would land on adorable but it didn't work. :(
So I just took a picture of Natalie with the butterflies behind her. :)

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Kirk said...

That was a really fun day. Thanks for inviting us along. Love you. Daddy