Monday, May 23, 2011

Julie and Ricky Come to Visit

 Julie and Ricky were here for the weekend from Arizona. We love having them around! They are so much fun to be with and after the kids warmed up to them...they loved them too! The weekend was  full of good food and lots of hanging out. We are really going to miss them now that they are gone. Can't wait for our family reunion in October!!
Yesterday was a really hot day. Definitely the hottest day of the year so far and the girls were so excited to finally go swimming in my parents pool. Shane and Ricky did "buttercups". I combination between a belly flop and a cannon ball. Big splashes and lots of waves! The water is still too cold for me so I just took the pictures. :)
The girls putting their feet in the pool with Julie after an AMAZING dinner of my dad's famous hamburgers on the Egg.
 Heidi swimming with her turtle...all over the pool!
 We are going to try to teach Natalie to swim this year. Shane is trying to show her how to kick her legs. Baby steps. :)
Nokie in her new birthday outfit from Cousin Julie and Rickey and Heidi just after she got out of the pool

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