Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poor Heidi

Last night Heidi was jumping off Natalie's bed...a totally normal thing for her to do. She is kinda crazy! :) But on the last jump she was watching herself in the mirror and landed on her foot wrong. She couldn't walk on it so we put ice on her foot and then put her to bed. This morning when she woke up she still couldn't walk on it and she wanted me to carry her everywhere. I took her to the doctor and of course she started walking on it! The doctor checked her out and said everything looked fine. She probably just pulled the ligament in her foot. So now Heidi's got an ace bandage on her foot for the next couple days. I also have to put ice on it and try to keep it up whenever she is sitting down. We'll see how that goes! At least she likes having the really big band aid on her foot. :)

I have a feeling this kid is going to cost me a ton in medical bills!! She is such a crazy dare devil!! :)

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Kirk said...

Heidi Bear is one tough crazy girl. You will probably have an emergency hospital named after you for all your :|"contributions"! Didn't slow her down for long. Love you. Daddy