Friday, March 18, 2011

Natalie's First Soccer Game

Natalie had her first game last night. She did so well! The Y didn't have the soccer shirts ready for their first game so they were just supposed to wear dark blue. We had Shane's jersey from when he played soccer at the same age so I had her wear that. So cute! Hopefully we will get their jerseys by the next game. :) 
She is so much better this year. Last year she was nervous and shy. She would cry every time some one would take the ball from her. She also spent most of the time playing in the dirt. 
This year, on the other hand, is the total opposite. She is loving it! She was all smiles while she was chasing the ball and trying to get it from the other team. Or her own team. :) She still likes to look at the sidelines and wave while she is running...she isn't that great at keeping her eye on the ball! But she does have a much better grasp on the whole idea of soccer. 
She was so excited to start playing!
Her shirt has Shane's name on the back :)
 Natalie loves her coach. She runs to get a quick sip of water and then runs right back to the coach.
Throwing the ball back in
 Trying to take it from the other team
 She totally made us laugh while we were watching her
 She was laughing and squealing...having a great time
Waving to the fans
Half time...she just wanted to keep playing
Heidi keeping herself entertained 
Going for the ball
 My Silly Girl!

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Kirk said...

Nat is soooooooo cute, love watching her play. She's doing so much better this year, and I'm glad she still likes to wave at the crowd. Just tooooooooooo cute. Love you. Daddy