Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Checking For Eggs

My parents got some chickens the other day. A friend of Shane's built this mobile chicken coop so they don't have to worry about foxes getting to the chickens. The girls where so excited! (Heidi spilled something on her shirt...just to explain the half naked kid.)  :)

 Natalie was the first one to get to check for eggs. Dad made the rule oldest to youngest. :)  The eggs are too far down for their little arms so he had to hold Natalie by the feet and stick her in head first! She didn't care though...she just wanted to get the egg and put it in her basket!

 Then the other day Heidi was at my parents house so she got to have her turn.  Dad did the same thing and stuck her in head first. We kept telling her to hold on tight so she wouldn't drop the egg. That little girl had a death grip on the egg! I am so surprised that she didn't crush it with her bare hands. Dad had to pry her little fingers off the egg which then made the egg fall to the ground. :) Thank goodness for all this rain we've been having cause the ground was super soft and the egg didn't even break.

 I think my girls have something against smiling for the camera!!

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Kirk said...

I glad the girls have so much fun with the chickens. Reminds me of Gracie gathering eggs at the farm with her Mammy. Luckily for Gracie, she didn't have to hang upside down to get the eggs! Love you. Daddy