Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Heidi hasn't been feeling well lately. Her allergies have been crazy! She woke up with one eye swollen shut a couple days ago and yesterday she woke up with two super puffy eyes. Her nose and ears are clogged and her eyes are running non stop. The poor kid! I'm taking her to the doctor today to see if they can give her anything to make her feel better. Anyway...this morning Natalie was trying to cheer her up. It was so sweet! She told Heidi to come sit next to her while they watched a show and then put her arm around her. I just had to get a picture of the sweetness. :)
Also...I've been in a super baking mood the last few days. We had a whole bunch of bananas that we kind of forgot about so I made a couple loaves of banana nut bread. I don't actually eat the stuff but my kids love it and so does my family. And it's super easy and uses up all those mushy bananas! My special touch is to add cinnamon and sugar to the top. When the bread comes out of the oven I put butter all over the top and then sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar mixture. Then I throw it back in the oven and broil it for a few minutes. Just till it's bubbly.  It makes the top nice and crunchy and tastes amazing. I don't eat banana nut bread but I do like to steal little bites of the top. :) The other nice thing is it makes the house smell amazing!

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Kirk said...

Poor Heidi Bear, she looks so uncomfortable. She looked a little better when Shane brought her by last night, hopefully the worst is past. If you have any more spoiling bananas laying around, we're out of bread over here. Love you. Daddy