Friday, February 18, 2011

The Case of the Missing Giraffe

I'm not sure if you all remember when Natalie lost her giraffe. This is the giraffe that she has had since she was a baby. She chewed the nose off when she was teething, she slept with it every night, it has been to California twice and with her every time she was sick. 
Anyway...last October she lost it. I was having a Pampered Chef party and when I put her to bed, I couldn't find it. I looked all over the house. Everyone at the party helped me look too. Natalie can't sleep without her giraffe so it was a big deal! I couldn't find it and she pretty much cried herself to sleep. It was so sad! I looked and looked and looked for it for the next few days and when I couldn't find it I took her to ToysRUs to pick out a new giraffe. She found a different one but it just wasn't the same. She slept with it but didn't really care much about it. 
Then one night a couple months later she was getting ready for bed and just started sobbing cause she missed her giraffe. I felt so awful and there was nothing I could do to help. We have literally looked in every single place her giraffe could be in our house. I have looked for this giraffe online since she was a baby. I just wanted to have a backup in case something like this happened. But I've have never been able to find one. After I calmed her down and got her to sleep I came downstairs and told Shane what happened. He asked me why I didn't just order her a new one.  Are you kidding me?? (ruffled feathers) Did he think I hadn't tried a million times to find another one?? So he gets on the computer and finds one first thing. I was so mad!! He wanted to look around to find a better price but I knew from looking for three years that he wasn't going to find one. So yes, I paid $40 to get her another giraffe. I would have paid anything to get her another Raffi. :)
When it finally came, she was soo happy. She loved it! She knew it wasn't the original one but I told her this was Raffi's brother. It made my mommy heart so happy to give that to her!! Heidi was happy too cause she got the other giraffe I bought. :)
It's been a couple months now. Today I was cleaning the playroom and I noticed something in their little play house between the lining, in the back of the play house. I unzipped it, stuck my hand around to the back and pulled out her old giraffe. I could not believe it!! I was so shocked! I showed it to Natalie and she said, "Mommy, what's wrong with it?" Pretty funny...I'm just glad we found it!
We found it in between the lining of this little play house.
This is the brand new one
The old one
The new one makes the old one look so dirty. :)
My very happy girl!


Kirk said...

Unbelievable!!! and so happy for Nat with both her Raffys. Love you. Daddy

Tom said...

Reading this story made my day.