Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things to Remember

Every night when I put Heidi to bed we have to get her doggy, Peggy the panda, blue elephant, pink elephant, Hilda bear, Ra Re the giraffe, her pink blanket and her green blanket. Then we pray and she isn't finished till she has thanked God for everyone she knows. My favorite is when she thanks God for Grandma and Grandpa. She says, "Tank you por Dumpa Dumpa." Seriously, how cute is that?? I love how adorable she looks in this picture!
Not such a good picture but still a good memory. Today we signed Natalie up for preschool! She was soo excited. I'm actually surprised that we even signed her up. I never went to preschool and didn't think I would ever send my girls. Only for the reason that I'm home and they don't need to go anywhere if I'm here. But Natalie is a different kind of girl. She LOVES when I leave. She loves to spend time with Mammy when I go shopping, she actually asks if I can leave so she can have DeDe come over and babysit her. I knew she would love getting to play with other kids and getting the chance to learn. Today she got to see where she would go to school. She got to visit her classroom and even sit with the other kids and decorate a heart while I talked to the teachers. She was so happy! She talked about it all day and can't wait to go back. Now we just have to wait till August!

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Kirk said...

Heidi Bear is so cute, probably because she is in her night cage! She's a wild one. Poor Nat must be beside herself having to wait until August to go to preschool. Hopefully she doesn't know how long that is. She was soooooo excited yesterday. Love you. Daddy