Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Day

So today I was putting Natalie down for a nap and she was being really cute. This was our conversation:

Natalie: Isn't my penguin cute?
Me: Very cute. I think you're very cute too!
Natalie: And amazing Mommy.

So cute! Made my whole day! :)

I also got a call today from the Apple store. My computer has been in there so often lately! They said they couldn't fix it so they were just going to give me a new one. How crazy is that?? I had to have them repeat that cause I wasn't sure what they were actually saying. The people there are so nice and so friendly. And the fact that they are replacing my computer for free is just amazing. I love Mac computers! Even with all the trouble I've had this month, I will never go back to a PC. :)

So overall it has been nice today. Bible Study was awesome and tomorrow I am going to California for the weekend to visit my friend Hollyann. Just a quick trip but I am still very excited. Yay!! I love good days. :)

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