Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend with Hollyann

I found an AMAZING ticket to California from Augusta and had to go see my friend. It was just a quick weekend trip but was so worth it! I flew out on Thursday and did my BSF on the plane and finished a book. The 4 hour flight was so quiet. :) When I got to LAX Hollyann picked me up, we grabbed some In N Out and headed over to her boyfriend, Erik's house. This is the first time I've gotten to meet him and I definitely approve! He is a really great guy and I am so happy for the both of them!
The next day we ran a bunch of errands. We had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and just talked and talked. Pretty much what we did all weekend. :) We also saw Kevin Federline there which was pretty weird.  After that we hit the mall...nothing like the Augusta Mall I have to say. I have never been in a place with so many designer stores and boutiques!! Way out of my league. :) Then we rushed home to get ready to go out. We were supposed to just go out to dinner with two of her friends so I brought jeans, heals and a nice shirt. But instead we went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood which doesn't allow jeans. It's very formal! So Hollyann's mom let me borrow some clothes. She pretty much used me as a barbie doll and gave me a dress, a bracelet, necklace, and rings. I was so thankful!! We had a really great time. Erik brought us In N Out and we ate it before going in. The Magic Castle was so so cool. It is a private club and you can only get in if you know someone who is a member....which Erik is. We weren't allowed to have our phones on or take pictures but I will never forget it! The magicians were amazing. I still have no idea how they did any of it! 
The next day we went to Baja Fresh for lunch. Yum!! It was such a beautiful day! Perfect Southern California weather...actually made me miss living there a bit. :) We got our lunch and sat outside with no hurry to leave. More and more talking and then headed to DSW and Total Beverage. I miss living close to DSW!! So many shoes and not enough money to buy them all! I did settle on a cute pair of sandals for the cruise but the cutest part was Hollyann's daughter Savannah. She was on Erik's shoulders and you could just see her peeking over the racks of shoes. 
How cute is that?? Anyway...the rest of the day we all hung out.  Erik and Savannah watched a movie together while Hollyann and I had a glass or two of wine and just hung out on the guessed it...talking. :) It was such a great weekend. Very much needed and I can't wait to do it again!!


Necole said...

Sounds like the perfect girls weekend, glad you had a great time, you look beautiful Nena :)

mitzi said...

You guys look fabulous! The Magic Castle is so fun! Is Erik a magician? I always think I can figure out their tricks but nope - totally amazing!

Kirk said...

Great pictures of your weekend. I glad Hollyann has found someone. She and Erik look like a happy couple. You could have left out the In-N-Out pictures though. Love you. Daddy