Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smorgasbord of Pictures

After being back from California and finally settling back in to the normal routine, I've found a bunch of pictures that I haven't put on here. The week before I left was crazy with my computer crashing so many times and I finally have it all set up like it's should be. I have to say...I LOVE my new computer!
 Beautiful, huh? It is soo so cool. Especially cause it was free but really it's just a nice computer. It's bigger than my old one. It has double the memory, all the latest programs and its super fast. I've been adding all my stuff to it and making it my own all week. Yay!! I've had to upload all my pictures off my hard drive and then organize them. That's how I found all these cute pictures that I forgot about. 
 Heidi watching a show after waking up from her nap.
 When I went to pick up my computer, Mom and Dad watched the girls for me. They spent most of the time on Dad's lap while he read to them or watched shows with them.
 We went to Shane's parents house for Jim's birthday. Heidi found a bottle of nail polish, spilled half on the floor and the other half all over her face.
 I gave the girls their very first bowl of cereal with milk in it. I'm sure that is probably strange but it is just way easier to give them dry cereal. No spills!! They did like it this way though. :)
 Thanks to our new dress up corner, the girls come out in all sorts of crazy outfits. This is pjs, fairy wings, princess wand, crown, necklace, skirt and derby hat. :)
 Shane has been doing the P90X and Heidi was trying to do it with him. Natalie got in on the action too but after the camera had been put away.
 What was I just saying about crazy outfits?? Heidi had a bunny bow on her head and gloves on her feet under her shoes.
 I just loved this picture. She looks so cute with her little pigtails.
 When I took the picture of Heidi, Natalie wanted her picture taken too.
 So honestly, Heidi has just been making adorable faces lately. I love her funny looks and I don't want to forget them! Natalie has been getting so big lately and I miss those little baby faces that she used to make. I'm just have to make sure I take pictures of all the cute stages!
 That is applesauce she has all over her face by the way. :)
 Shane and I went on an early Valentines Day date yesterday. It was SO nice!! Dane gave me an all day babysitting coupon for Christmas that I decided to use and Shane and I got to go out from nap time till bedtime. We test drove some trucks, went to dinner and then went shopping at the mall. When we got home we put the kids down, watched a movie and ate a little Carvel cake with two forks. A perfect date!! :)
Last one! I took this this morning before going to church. I can't get over the cuteness!!

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Kirk said...

Great find of great pictures. You have such cute babies. Love you. Daddy