Thursday, August 19, 2010

California Trip Day 1

It is 6:30 am and my kids are up and wide awake. Now i realize that I am lucky that they slept in that long with the time change but's 6:30! Everyone else is asleep, Shane and Steve are golfing. So I figured I'd update you all on our trip. The girls were really great. We got them up at 5 am and told them that they were going on an airplane! They were so excited. We got to the airport an hour early and didn't board till our plane was supposed to be leaving. While we waited the girls ran around in circles, did yoga poses and made everyone smile. The first flight was on a tiny plane. One seat, aisle, two seats. They wouldn't let me hold Heidi on my lap cause the one seat didn't have enough oxygen masks. Shane had to sit by Nat and have Heidi on his lap. He's such a good Dad! I brought little things of Play Dough and that was a hit! They played with that almost the whole time!

We had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Dallas but it was nice. We walked, had lunch and even found a kids play area. The kids had a blast but Natalie kept asking when we could get back on the airplane. On the second flight, while we were waiting to get to our seat, the pilot door was open. We told the girls to say hello and the pilot invited her in! How cool is that?? Natalie got to sit in the copilot seat, wear a pilot hat and touch all the buttons. Such a treat...for me too! Wish I would have had a real camera instead of my iPhone! That flight was much nicer too. We all got to sit together. Shane pulled out his laptop and we let the girls watch a movie. Natalie fell asleep about an hour from LA and Heidi fell asleep a little after. Shane and I got super mini naps while they were sleeping. They were not happy to be woken up after such a short nap! Once we got our luggage and got to go on a BUS...they were happy again. We rented our car and realized we had forgotten the girls car seats in our car. Too many things to remember!! We rented them from the car place thank goodness! From there we headed to In N Out. Always our first stop! The line was  wrapped around the building and out into the street! So worth it! After lunch we drove down to Camarillo. We didn't hit any traffic and made great time! We got to Steve and Melissa and for the rest of the day, Natalie, Heidi and their little girl Madison played together. It was so nice! The girls were so happy and they didn't go to bed till late...for their normal time zone. :) Heidi went down in Maddie's crib and she was out right away. Nat went to bed with us at 9 and did great till about 3. Then she started coughing like crazy and woke up Heidi. Let's just say the rest of the night was REALLy long!! Hopefully we'll do better the rest of the trip. :)

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