Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date Night...or should I say morning??

Shane planned a surprise date for us yesterday. He has really been getting into golfing lately so he took me to the golf course and I got a golfing lesson. It was so much fun! I wasn't so sure about it at first.  I couldn't even hit the ball! But he wanted me to learn so that we could golf together. The trainer was really nice. He watched me hit or try to hit the ball a few times and then he started giving me tips. Golfing is nothing like baseball! I'm so used to that type of swing that it takes a lot of concentration to golf the right way. These are my main points to remember...

Keep both feet flat on the ground and your weight balanced.
Keep your left arm straight and your right arm tucked in. 
Don't choke up too much on the club.
Keep your wrists straight.
Keep your eye on the ball until AFTER you hit it. 
Twist your shoulders and stomach, not your hips and legs.
Follow through with the golf club and twist your hips to follow the ball.

And you have to remember all this stuff every time you hit it!! By the end I was doing pretty well. I'm excited to go again. I honestly didn't realize how much went into golfing. And it's a great workout. You wouldn't think standing still and swinging would do much but this morning when I woke up I could barely move!! My arms, shoulders, back and stomach are all killing me today!! 
After my lesson, we went shopping together and then had lunch at the Carolina Ale House. It was the first time we'd been there and we ended up liking it. It was a nice sports bar, which I didn't know before hand but the food was really good. Especially the french fries. :)  It was such a nice morning! A great surprise and a perfect date. :)

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Kirk said...

So glad you had a good time. Can't wait to go hit a few with you. Love you.