Tuesday, August 24, 2010

California Trip Day 5

I can't believe that I am getting stuff on here for every day! It's so nice to have some relaxing down time during our vacation but also it's just really nice to get stuff on as it happens so I don't forget all the good stuff! So day six...we had a family reunion brunch. Not everyone came back for it and some family that couldn't come the day before got to come. We had a yummy lunch and they played some funny games. We hung out till almost 2 and then left so the girls could nap on the way to Hollyann's house.

 Heidi eating her strawberries and blueberries. Happy girl.
 Rose Marie and her brother Bob
  Hanging out inside watching football. :)
 Another cute shot of Reuben
 Such a cute family photo...Reuben, Josh and Amy
 Heidi was hanging out in the gutter. Silly girl.
 So they played this game called Rooster. You put your hands behind your back and you have to look on the other persons back to see what number they have pinned to their shirt. Pretty funny!
 Rose Marie and Marilyn gave it a try too.
 By the end of the trip, Heidi was just starting to warm up to Josh.
So pretty much as soon as we got to Hollyann's house the girls wanted to go swimming. Natalie and I are sitting on the steps of the pool and Heidi is running around...I look up at her again and she is sitting in their fountain! How funny is that?? As soon as I found her she started giggling. She knows she's funny!

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