Sunday, August 22, 2010

California Trip Day 2

Who would have thought 11 years later. On our first date, Shane and I went to Universal City Walk and then afterwords stopped at Point Magu Rock to talk.  We also came here a bunch while we were dating. Memories. :) Now 11 years later we are back with our two kids...pretty crazy!!  We had so much fun at the beach.  The girls had never been to the beach but they have seen it on Curious George and Blue's Clues. They were so excited to go.  It was a little colder than we were expecting. Nothing like the Georgia weather we are used to! As soon as they warmed their feet in the sand they were good to go. Playing in the sand and covering their feet with sand were the favorites. Natalie wouldn't go near the ocean. Heidi didn't want to touch it but she wanted Shane to carry her so that she could dip her bucket in the water. We only stayed for about an hour but it was perfect with the little ones!
Shane and Steve went golfing together in the morning so they let Melissa and I go shopping at the outlets after the beach. Yay!! I'm such a mom...I didn't even go shopping at any normal stores. I saw the Osh Gosh outlet and made a beeline. :) I got the girls the CUTEST outfits. I think Osh Gosh is my favorite! We didn't stay long after that. We went back and had dinner with the guys and then went out again for Starbucks. Then to top it all off...we all had big bowls of Chocolate Malted Crunch!  What a perfect day!!
 Trying to keep her head from falling into her lap
 Heidi, Natalie and Madison
 The beautiful California coast
 Heidi loved playing in the sand
 Daddy and Heidi
 Heidi didn't want to get in the water but she wanted to dip her bucket
 Playing with Heidi in the sand
 A cute shot of Melissa

 Melissa and Steve
 Love this shot of Heidi
 Shane covered all the girls hands and feet with sand...they thought it was pretty cool


Caryn said...

Great pictures of your time in California...if I didn't miss you so much I would tell you to have a wonderful time...but I want you to come back

Sabrina said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Esp. that one of Heidi looking out onto the water...she looks like an old soul pondering about life, haha. Makes me want to visit soon.