Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The End of our California Trip

Our last full day in California...the trip went by too fast! Shane got to go ocean fishing in a kayak with Mitzi's husband Rob. Rob picked up Shane at 6 am and they drove down to Redondo Beach. Shane said it was really awesome...even though he got seasick twice. :) While they were doing that, Hollyann and I got all three car seats in the back of her car and drove to Mitzi's house where she took pictures of the girls. Check them out HERE. If you are ever in the Santa Clarita Valley area, you should definitely have her take pictures of your kids. Her photography website is  After our photo session, we all went to lunch at Jimmy Deans. So yummy! I remember going there all the time when we used to live in Valencia. It was just as good as I remembered!

 That night for dinner we got to go to Islands with Hollyann's dad, Arnie and his new wife Gilda. It was so nice seeing her dad again! I have always loved spending time with him. It was also really nice to meet his new wife. She was super nice and they seemed really happy together!

After dinner, we put Heidi to bed and Shane watched the bigger girls while Hollyann and I went out for coffee. It was so nice to have time together to talk without the girls cutting in every five seconds. :) Then we came back the house and hung out with Shane, drank wine and ate ice cream. Chocolate Malted Crunch of course!!

This morning we pretty much just packed up and got ready to go home. Not enough time to do anything exciting. We took a picture of the girls with Savannah but they didn't really want to cooperate. :) 

We got to the airport with no traffic and hit up In N Out one last time before heading back to Georgia. Yes...I realize we are obsessed. :) 

So...just to vent a tad...I HATE the airport! I feel like they just make things as difficult as possible to get to where you want to go. They wouldn't let me check in online before getting to the airport, the kiosk wouldn't let us check in when we got there...we had to have someone do it...kinda like they used to do all the time! Then we go through security. Do you know how hard it is to get all your carryons, random things your carrying, plus your shoes and your kids shoes and all their junk? And then you're standing there on the dirty ground in your bare feet trying to keep your kids from running around, waiting for the people in front of you to go through. Then you have to gather it all up again, get your shoes on and your kids shoes on with people waiting behind you. UGH!! Not fun. The flight was really good though. The girls were great. They slept a lot.  Heidi was adorable curled up in Shane's lap.

We ended up on the same flight as Shane's mom on the second half of our trip so that was pretty cool. I got to show her all the pictures I took of the trip. So now we are home and just vegging on the couch watching tv. It feels nice to not have anything to do. mom cleaned the house while we were gone and had soup in the crock pot waiting for us. It is so good to be home. :)


Shane said...

My wife is amazing! How does she do it?! I know one day our girls will look at this blog and will be thinking the same thing I am thinking right now, that their mom is the most creative, caring, loving mother in the whole world. I love you Baby!

Caryn said...

I agree with Shane...except to add that he is amazing as well. Thank you for keeping this blog...treasured moments captured in time. Love seeing the pictures of your trip but am soooo very happy you are back long do we have to wait to see you? Hamburgers for dinner???


Kirk said...

I agree with Shane and Caryn. I love her Blog and all her beautiful pictures of them and the babies. HOWEVER...the close up photo of two In-N-Out hamburgers was just WRONG!!!

Love you anyway