Monday, August 23, 2010

California Trip Day 4

The Mix Family Reunion...Yay! Even though I've been with Shane for 11 years, I have never been to a family reunion. It was soo much fun. I loved being able to see all Shane's family. People I haven't seen in years and people I've never even met. It was wonderful. I loved being able to catch up and talk to everyone. The kids were great too. I did chase them all over the house and yard but hey...they are 2 and 3...can't ask for much more. :)
They had a really great friend in their cousin Reuben. He was their playmate for the whole weekend. He taught them all sorts of cool boy things like playing drums with spatulas, wrestling, and having water fights...more pics of those later. :) This was him doing one of the girls activities...watching a Mickey Mouse Movie. 

Heidi loved to run around and hide in the bushes. When I would call her she would just give me this adorable grin

I LOVED seeing Aunt Eva again. She is so sweet. 

Shane took this picture of Heidi and Me

Aunt Eufie and Aunt Eva...sisters

Aunt Eva and Rose Marie
We haven't seen Lisa in such a long time! We got to meet her new little girl Paloma...sooo CUTE!!

And we got to meet her new husband Andy. Super nice.
Natalie love love loved Aunt Eva. She would follow her around, try to talk to her, let her hold her her giraffe. When Aunt Eva wasn't around Natalie would be talking about her and when we would get to see her again. I love this picture.
Heidi and Grandma
Rose Marie and Marilyn in their matching outfits.
Aunt Eva and Uncle Reuben...married 69 years

Such a cute shot of little Reuben. He was showing the girls how to dip their spatulas in the ice bucket and then flick the cold water on everyone. They thought that was really really funny. :)

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