Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Knew??


My girls like eggs. Actually they LOVE eggs. I'm not a real fan of eggs myself,  unless they are mixed with ketchup, eaten with toast or mixed with lots of other kinds of food.  Shane and I started the South Beach diet again just to loose a few more pounds, and I've been eating eggs for breakfast every morning. I just don't like eggs.  I have to make myself eat them. If anyone has a recipe for eggs that actually tastes good without all the extra stuff I'm not supposed to eat, I would love to hear it! Anyway...yesterday the girls kept asking for bites of my eggs so this morning I made them their own. Heidi is a pretty picky eater. She likes macaroni and cheese, bananas and graham crackers. This morning she ate all her eggs and then half of mine. She was even doing the happy dance in her chair. Very cute!

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