Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Shaners!!

Shane got to celebrate his birthday all week! His brother and wife were scheduled for a c-section on his actual birthday so we celebrated with his family on Monday. They came over for tacos and a brownie tower cake.  Sabrina got Shane a wii game called Punch Out and everyone had fun playing after dinner.  I've realized that it is very hard to host a party and take pictures!
 On Shane's actual birthday he went golfing with my Dad in the morning. They played 24 holes of golf and loved it! Then we heard that Justin had his baby. They had a boy but they still don't have a name picked out yet. Hopefully we will hear soon! For dinner we went to my parents house and had their famous hamburgers. I made a lemon dream cake for dessert...very light and summery! I used sparkler candles too...pretty funny. :) Shane got some pretty cool iPhone4 from his AMAZING wife. :) I have to is really awesome. I'm just glad he doesn't have to use his old phone anymore...the thing was ancient!
 Happy to be opening gifts
 A gift card to Academy sports from Colie and Joe
Nokie was passing out the gifts to Shane
 Heidi cuddling with Nan
 Dana trying to keep Heidi entertained. It takes a lot of work, let me tell you!
 Poor Natalie didn't feel very well. She was happy to just stay in my mom's bed and watch cartoons all night.
 So Heidi disappears very easily. We actually have an acronym for when we can't find her. We say Hotel Hotel...Heidi On The Loose...I know...missing an E. Anyway...she always sneaks away and this time when we found her she was at my mom's desk writing. Mostly on herself but she did get some on the paper. :)
The cake, the candles, the fire :)

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Bree said...

That cake looks amazing! I wish you lived closer so I could pay you to make Elle's cake for me this year. Happy Birthday Shane!!