Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Another busy day! We are getting ready to have a 4th of July party tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. I really love to throw parties.  My favorite part is getting ready for the party...not actually having the party. I know...pretty sad. But I love to make invitations, plan food, make the food, name it. I just love it.

So this morning we went to the farmers market to get a fresh watermelon for an old fashon seed spitting contest, fresh sourdough bread to go with a spinach artichoke dip I'm making and then some fresh blueberries. I mixed them with some sliced strawberries and some sugar and tomorrow I'll put them on top of a cheesecake so it's red, white and blue.

The rest of the day was spent baking. Thankfully Dana came over and she and Nokie played with the girls so I could get stuff done. I made a cheesecake, cupcakes and sugar cookies. I've still got a pasta salad to make tonight, and plenty of food to make tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow when everything is finished. 

I took a break from the crazy kitchen to give the girls a bath and watch Curious George with them before they went to bed. I love their after bath smell! I use Gerber Grins and Giggles bath soap and lotion in Oatmeal. They discontinued it after Natalie was born but I loved the smell so much that I ordered a whole case! I'm set for a couple years at least. :) Anyway...I was just noticing how pretty Natalie's eyes are. They are their own unique color of blue...can't even describe it.

Heidi's eyes are such a bright blue. They look like contacts or something. I love how different both my girls are. And now I feel like I've been writing for way too long and I will save the rest for tomorrow!

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