Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Yesterday was so awesome! We had a big party at our house with tons of food, family and friends. Everything turned out awesome. The kids all ran around and played together.
The girls in their 4th of July outfits. Heidi's says Lil' fits :)
All the Friends and Family
Bub and Solongo
Mom and Dad
Rose Marie
Bub supervising the games
Sabrina, Kingston and Rose the face Sabrina!!
Jesse and Lesley

The Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

The best part of the whole evening was the seed spitting contest. So so funny! We bought a HUGE watermelon at the farmer's market, sliced it up and put a couple bowls outside. Everyone took turns trying to spit a watermelon seed the farthest that they could. We marked their seed with chalk on the driveway and laughed and cheered as everyone tried. The pictures make me laugh every time I see them!
Jesse's turn
My turn...can't believe I'm actually posting this one! :)
Shane's big wind up before spitting the winning seed
Mom's turn
Solongo's turn
Rose Marie's valiant attempt
Everyone's names on the driveway. Shane's was the farthest :)

Lesley and Jesse brought some fireworks, so Shane set them off in the backyard. They set off a big fireworks display in the park right behind our house. It's so nice not having to go anywhere for the 4th! We had a pretty good view from our backyard but there were still lots that went off behind the trees. Our neighbor had a perfect view and he let all 20 or so of us come over to his backyard to watch the fireworks. In the rush to get over there I totally forgot my camera! So no pictures of the pretty fireworks. This was Natalie's first time seeing fireworks and she loved them. I'm so happy they didn't scare her!
Everyone watching the fireworks

It was such a fun day! A wonderful way to celebrate the great country that we live in.

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