Saturday, July 10, 2010

We took the girls to see Uncle Justin at the fire station today. Dana and Nokie came too. The girls were all so excited. They got to see him drive the firetruck and then he let the girls get in. Heidi and Nokie didn't really want to go near the firetruck...they were happy just to look at it. :)  Natalie wasn't scared. She got in the driver's seat and pretended to stear. She loved it! One of the guys brought out hats for them to wear. We were only there for a few minutes when Justin got called out but it was still great. Actually a perfect amount of time for the little girls.  They even had fun watching them drive away with the siren on.

So when we went to the fire station I forgot my camera and used my phone to take pictures. When I was downloading all the pictures I found some really funny ones on my phone. Thought I'd share. :)

 After we finally painted our bedroom. I love love love the color!
 We have this wonderful big bathtub in our bathroom but we never use it. It's full of blocks for the kids to play with so that when I'm getting ready they can keep out of trouble. I was getting ready and they wanted Shane to play with them so he hopped in the tub to play blocks. He's such a good Daddy!
 My cute girls
 Natalie is scared to death to go up the ladder at the McDonalds playground. But her cousin Jayden taught her how to climb up this big slide and she LOVES to do that. She climbs up the slide and then comes right back playing in the tubes. :) If you look in the red bubble you can see her smiling at the top.
 I found this at Target. I didn't buy it but I really should. I need to keep it in my kitchen to remind myself to stay calm while everything else is crazy!!
 Megan and the girls playing in their "boat"

I gave Natalie a bath and blow dried her hair for the first time. She looked so grown up afterwards! I can't believe she's not a baby anymore. :(

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