Monday, July 26, 2010

Park Day

Dana and I took the girls to the park today. We went early because it has been so hot and still we were sweating as soon as we walked outside! The girls didn't really care. They got to swing and play on the play set. We walked over to the pond and saw the turtles. They have so many turtles and they are huge. Compared to pet turtles at least. :) 
Natalie and Heidi playing on the swings

 Natalie and Nokie climbing the rock wall. Nat got scared about a foot off the ground but Nokie went all the way up!

 Heidi loved having the freedom to run around! The picture on the right is of her on the teeter totter. I'm on the other half making her go up and down. :)

 So funny! The girls were too scared to go down the big slide by themselves so for a while I was going down with each kid, one at a time. Dane decided to take Nokie and Heidi down at the same was so funny to watch!!

My girls playing together on the teeter totter.

The park here is really neat. They have this water feature that the kids love! So we let the girls play and get soaked. I was happy getting splashed with the nice cold water too! It was a great morning. 

Natalie was jumping in the puddles...Heidi liked to stand in the spray of water :)

 Heidi was totally soaked! She had so much fun playing in the water!
 Natalie getting splashed by DeDe
 Happy Girls
The only shot of all three girls. Nokie is in the background with a little boy. 

When we went back to my parents house to drop of Dane and Nokie we saw this... 
This butterfly was on my dad's shoe. We was hosing down something, spraying water everywhere and this butterfly was just hanging out on his shoe. He said that it had been on his arm and shoulder and foot for a while. Just hangin out. :) I thought it was pretty cool.

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