Monday, April 8, 2013

Vacation Days 4-5

I know I'm being really slow to get these up! There were a ton of pictures to go through and it was actually pretty hard to get back to the time zone here. The girls did not want to wake up in the morning at all...which would be awesome except that we had to be up early for school every day. plan is to get the rest of the vacation up and on here today or tomorrow. Gotta give myself some wiggle room. :)
So...after our SeaWorld adventure and our visits with family we ended up in Camarillo. One of my favorite places honestly. I lived there with my Nana for a summer and that's where I met Shane and for some reason it always feels like home when I go there. Anyway...enough least for now. :) That next morning, Shane and Steve went golfing. All of us girls stayed at the house, lounging around in our pjs and hanging out for most of the morning. By the time the boys got home, we were all done up and pretty of course. Then we left all the kids with them and Melissa, Gracie and I headed to the Camarillo Outlets. Yay for shopping! Andrew and Nicole came by for dinner that night and then we all headed to bed early because the next morning we were going to DISNEYLAND!! 
Because Shane is in the Guard, we got an amazing deal on Disney tickets. Basically 3 days for the price of 1. So Monday morning we drove down to Disneyland. We got there around lunch time after traffic, parking and taking the bus over. :) I have to tell you that I was literally giddy with excitement. I LOVE Disneyland and I was so happy to be bringing the girls there for the first time. I was nervous about taking them on big rides. I just wanted to start with the baby stuff and then slowly move to bigger things after I was sure they weren't scared. Well...Shane had other plans! We went on this rocket ride first...pretty safe first ride. Then we met the princesses. So cool! The girls loved it. Then Shane decides to go on Splash Mountain. We got a fast pass for that so while we waited we went on Pirates of the Caribbean  The girls loved it. Natalie was scared because she thought they were going to shoot her...she kept ducking. But then they were both ready for Splash Mountain. I showed them the drop and kept asking if they were ready for it but they really wanted to go. Natalie went in the front, then Shane, then Heidi, then me holding on to Heidi because I just knew she was going to fly out and then Gracie behind me and some random kid in the way back. The girls loved it! I had to buy the picture because it was their very first real "big kid" ride. :) The rest of the afternoon we spent going on the rides and trying to find Disney Characters to give hugs too. When dinner came around we headed over to California Adventure. They have really good food!! We got some pretty impressive Mexican food for dinner and then went on more rides over there. We went on the Little Mermaid and the Giant Ferris Wheel. Heidi really really loved that one. It was a really perfect day. When the park closed we drove to our hotel so we could come back bright and early the next morning. :)

 Ready to go on some rides!
 Main Street USA
 The first rocket ride
 The princesses were so cool. They talked and acted like they were actually that princess. The girls really loved meeting them!

 Heidi was ready to be a pirate....ARGGHH Matey! :)

Loving our life at the moment :)
Look at my crazy family! I still can't believe my girls are such daredevils!
 Heading into It's A Small World. I don't care what everyone else says...I love it! :)

Going on the Winnie the Pooh ride

 We got the girls Mickey Ears to wear at the park. They were so cute and they wore them the whole time!!

Hanging out with Tigger...pretty impressive that they can sign autographs with those big paws!

 Winnie the Pooh

 Shane was trying to teach the girls to shoot the targets but the rifle was too heavy for them to even aim it.

 The girls loved going inside the princess castle
 Steve and I don't do teacups so we just took pictures. :) Everyone else loved it though. I love how the pictures turned out...especially Gracie!

 The Little Mermaid ride...Shane was singing along

 At the top of the ferris wheel

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Caryn Mellecker said...

Ooooh my gosh the picture of the log ride was great! I can't believe Natalie wanted to be in front!! Loved the pics of the girls with the Princes adorable.